Nerd Alert: 'World of Warcraft' Movie is Officially Happening

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Almost no video game in the history of geekery has had as much ravenous fanfare as "World of Warcraft," and now the much-buzzed cinematic adaptation is finally underway ... and, to boot, it's in some pretty darn good hands.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the inventive Duncan Jones of "Moon" and "Source Code" fame has been officially tapped by Legendary Pictures to direct the fantasy/sci-fi project, and it looks like he's totally up to the task of trying to make a good movie based on a video game happen where so many others have floundered.

"So the gauntlet was thrown down ages ago: Can you make a proper MOVIE of a video game. Ive always said its possible. Got to DO it now!" Jones wrote on his Twitter feed.

For those looking for any hints as to how he'll approach filming the infamous role-playing game, he once told Explorer that the key to "a great video game film" is this: "I think one of the common mistakes that is made in trying to turn video games into movies is to believe that all is required is to tell the story of the game in a linear format.  That's not going to do it.  You need to isolate and use only those elements that actually work.  Only those elements that are original and have dramatic potential ... really it’s going to take a combination of great writer, inspired director, and a franchise owner who is willing to let go enough to allow what needs to be done, to be done."

The script, which is being held super close to the chest, was penned by the equally interesting Charles Leavitt, known for his "K-PAX" and "Blood Diamond" screenplays.

Production is estimated to begin this fall with a hopeful release window set for sometime in 2015.

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