'Somebody Up There Likes' Nick Offerman's Movie Trailer

Ron Swanson's got nothing on Nick Offerman's newest dry-tongued sour puss, Sal.

In this trailer for Bob Byington's SXSW-selected "Somebody Up There Likes Me," the "Parks and Recreation" star trades in his uber-conservative mustached wit monster for a middle-aged barkeep with a dismal sense of self and a sick salt and pepper goatee.

Offerman co-leads the indie comedy alongside Keith Poulson as an existential food and beverage-slinger whose protege is clueless in matters of the heart. "The last five years I wake up and it's like something fast-forwarded beyond my control," he pouts.

As Poulson's Max enters a second unwise marriage, though, it's Sal whose got a front row seat to witness the carnage and offer up glib anecdotes like "You know how you're old? When you sneeze and lose a tooth." Heh, good one.

In director Byington's production notes, he claimed the film was written with the Offerman and Poulson duo in his sights. "I very much liked the idea of pairing them, and would not have made the movie without them," he wrote.

The flick, which also features Jess Weixler, Stephanie Hunt, Kate Lyn Sheil, Kevi Corrigan, Jonathan Togo and Offerman's own wife Megan Mullally, hits limited theaters on Mar. 8 and VOD on Mar. 12.