'The Brass Teapot' Trailer May Make You Rethink This Whole Movie Fan Thing

If you're visiting our website, that likely means that you, like those of us here at NextMovie, are a fan of movies. Which is great. After all, for well over a century now, movies have been bringing entertainment to the world. And that's a noble goal, right?

So here's a warning for you: If you enjoy being a fan of cinema, you may want to skip the new trailer for "The Brass Teapot." Because it may make you rethink this whole movie fan thing entirely.

Here's the scoop: "The Brass Teapot" is an upcoming indie comedy starring Juno Temple and Michael Angarano that doubles as a morality play, as it tells the tale of a couple who come into possession of a magic teapot that spews money — but only if they hurt each other. And the more pain they inflict, the more money they get. Naturally, they quickly go well past the point of reason in their literally self-destructive quest for cash.

Sounds hilarious, right? And that's not even getting into the part where it turns out the teapot apparently caused the Holocaust after it fell into the hands of a bunch of greedy Jews. High comedy!

Our suggestion: If you do love movies, why not skip this trailer and instead just read the classic horror story 'The Monkey's Paw," by W.W. Jacobs, which presents the same moral, only without making you hate yourself. But if you're still curious, well, here's the new trailer, courtesy of Film Drunk. Just be ready to learn your own lesson about self-destructive pain when you watch it.