Tim Burton and the Secret Search For Walt Disney's Frozen Corpse

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Tim Burton has always been, you know, a bit of an oddball. Which is why we love him. But in a new interview, Burton reveals that back during his college days, he and his friends had a truly unusual hobby: Searching for the frozen corpse of Walt Disney.

And the crazy part? He actually found it!

Okay, we're just screwing with you. But Burton it's true that back in the day, Burton did spend some time looking for Disney's body, a detail that is pretty funny considering Burton's latest film, "Frankenweenie," is a Disney movie about bringing the dead back to life.

"The story at Cal Arts was that Walt was cryogenically frozen and somewhere in the basement," Burton told Vulture. "We used to spend Friday nights looking for him. So that's the story."

So what does Burton think about "Frankenweenie's" Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature? After all these years, he's become pretty jaded about critical feedback, good or bad.

"You hope for success, but it's a strange phenomenon," Burton said. "You have a movie that gets sh*tty, crappy, horrible reviews but makes a lot of money; you have a movie that gets good, decent reviews, but then no one goes to see it."

"The first two films I did, 'Pee-wee's Big Adventure' and 'Beetlejuice,' made the ten-worst-movies-of-the-year lists," he continued. "Then, years later, people said they were my best movies. What? So if those were my best, I'm in real trouble."

"The point is, even if I wanted to analyze it, I'm not going to make everyone happy," Burton said. "It's easier when you're starting out and people don't really know what you are. But then you become a thing, and that's not really what you want. I never really targeted my films for kids. It's just what I like to make. But then people were saying 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' was too scary for kids — too much singing, too scary. And then the kids loved it. So I've had conflicting information from the beginning."

Don't worry, Tim, kids can deal with a lot of things that are pretty scary — like the idea of you searching for Walt's frozen corpse. Keep on truckin', buddy.