'Mean Girls' Plus 'Les Miserables' Equals 'Les Mean Girls' Meme Fare

The connection between those sassy "Mean Girls" and the downtrodden of "Les Miserables" is a lot stronger than Amanda Seyfried's long, blonde locks. Oh yes. Now that Tina Fey's trying to re-work the zingers of her old high school clique comedy into song lyrics (go Tina, go!), the comparisons are becoming oh-so-clear.

We smell a crossover.

For serious. Fey told journos at the Screen Actors Guild this week that she and her musical hubby Jeff Richmond haven't given up on bringing those snarky she-bullies to the stage yet, even six years after the first mention of such an idea. In fact, she's already got the studio's proverbial thumbs up on the project, and she's not gonna be busy with "30 Rock" anymore, so ... With bated breath, we wait.

Until then, the net wizards on Tumblr have already begun working their meme magic on this one, putting Fey's words into the mouths of Victor Hugo's iconic French Revolutionaries, which is totally okay because Hugo himself said, "There is nothing like a dream to create the future."

Check out a few of our favorite "Les Mean Girls" picks from the Tumblr.

Mademoiselle Cosette may look an awful lot like the dingy, doe-eyed Karen (heyyy, Amanda Seyfried!), but she's a little more like new girl Cady in at least one respect.

Fashion is always relevant, even in the war-riddled 19th century Paris.

Heh. Valjean mean-girling Fantine. Poor dame can't catch a break.

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