Turn Your Life Into A 'Big Adventure' with the New Pee-wee Herman Cycling Suit!

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They say that life is one big adventure, which is actually true, but only if you're Pee-wee Herman. For the rest of us, you know, ho hum.

But if you've always wanted to turn your own life into a big adventure, now is your chance, thanks to a brand new cycling outfit that lets you cruise the highways and bi-ways of America, Pee-wee style.

In the 1985 cult classic "Pee-wee's Big Adventure," of course, Paul Reubens embarks on an epic quest to find his beloved bicycle, which was cruelly stolen. Wearing his signature grey suit and red bow tie, he proceeds to criss-cross the nation, eventually riding his bike to freedom — and into film legend.

And now you can become your own Pee-wee, as BuzzFeed has uncovered a new cycling outfit that combines the sleek utility that the modern bicycling enthusiast demands with Reubens' timeless style.

So check it out and queue up "Tequila" on your iPod. Because once you get a look at this, you're definitely going to want to do the Pee-wee dance. Ride on!