Bradley Cooper May Live Strong as Lance Armstrong in J.J. Abrams' Biopic

[caption id="attachment_154126" align="alignleft" width="220"]Bradley Cooper in "Silver Linings Playbook" The Weinstein Co.[/caption]

Look, J.J. Abrams just doesn't sleep ya'll.

The "Star Trek Into Darkness" director who's also recently signed on to helm Disney's "Star Wars: Episode VII" may have another star-centric project underway. This time, it's about an international sports figure who dropped the ball got caught doing some naughty things on his cycling road to victory.

That man, of course, is Lance Armstrong, who's found his name at the tippy top of many sports pages lately (interrupted just briefly by the perplexing Manti T'eo) thanks to his gobsmacking admission to doping on the race course and winning seven consecutive Tour de France titles. Largely considered a hero for his tireless cancer patient support efforts with the Livestrong Foundation (he himself survived testicular cancer before beginning his victory streak) Armstrong's story has confounded the public and gotten J.J. Abrams on board to produce a biopic based upon his life.

Per Vulture, Armstrong's story also has "Silver Linings Playbook" star Bradley Cooper hooked, and he's now hitting up Abrams for a chance at the role. Cooper recently told the BBC he considers Armstrong "a fascinating character" which he'd "love to play," so he's definitely made no secret of this ambition.

He may have just a touch of competition, though, considering the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey were among Armstrong's posse over the years. Gyllenhaal was even rumored as a top contender for the part when whispers of a Lance Armstrong biopic first came through in 2006, soon after his final victory lap. McConaughey, however, may be less interested in such a gig after Armstrong's doping admission because he told MTV he was rather "pissed off" about the situation. The Guardian adds Christian Bale, Matt Damon and Michael Fassbender to the list of potentials.

No word yet on how much of Juliet Macur's book "Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong" will factor into the story, and it's not certain whether Abrams will direct the flick.

For what it's worth, Cooper told Access Hollywood last night that he had not been officially cast as the cycling giant, calling the story (in a cringe-worthy pun choice) "nuts." But before you cross him off the list, let's remember the other massive switcharoo on an Abrams project: the director's insistence that he would not direct "Star Wars" before, uh, announcing that he'd direct "Star Wars."

This is Hollywood: Takebacks are totally allowed, especially when J.J. Abrams is anywhere within a stone's throw of a project.