Watch Baby Jennifer Lawrence's 'My Super Sweet 16' Promo

When Jennifer Lawrence clinched the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Female Actor in a Lead Role Sunday night, her immediate thanks went not to her "Silver Linings Playbook" co-star Bradley Cooper, nor director David O. Russell. Not even Mom was on the receiving end of that first thank you — that honor went to MTV.

Um, come again?

"I want to thank MTV," Lawrence said in her acceptance speech. "I'll explain that. I earned my SAG card when I was 14. I did an MTV promo for 'My Super Sweet 16.' And I remember getting it in the mail and it being the best day of my entire life, because it officially made me a professional actor, which put me in the category with all of you."

As it turns out, Miss Lawrence's first professional acting job, the one that earned her that coveted SAG card (and, as Anne Hathaway will attest, a great dental plan to go along with it), was a commercial for the network's since-canceled reality show "My Super Sweet 16." The show documented the over-the-top birthday extravaganzas of the rich and the bratty.

While we're sure riding around in a litter surrounded by an adoring entourage is old hat to the award-winning Lawrence by now, tween Katniss looks pumped to be riding high. That is, until she takes a nasty tumble to the ground. Super sweet.

Check out a very blonde, pre-fame, 14-year-old Jennifer Lawrence in the clip above, which we've unearthed just for you.

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