NHL Team Gives 'Mighty Ducks' Flying V Formation a Try

[caption id="attachment_163205" align="alignleft" width="300"] Disney[/caption]

Twenty-one years ago — yeah, yeah, we feel old too — Emilio Estevez took his rag tag bunch of street hockey kids to the big time with one signature move in Disney's "The Mighty Ducks."

The Flying V, as it was called, made for the perfect scoring set-up for the peewee iceketeers, who maneuvered the puck through confused opponents while lined up like, well, actual ducks. Remember? The move was part of the tykes' signature "Duck Danglefest" gimmick routine to victory.

While the play may have seemed a tad preposterous and built squarely for angsty teen fistpump value, the NHL's Edmonton Oilers must not think so. In a recent game against the San Jose Sharks, the team whipped out the Flying V formation and coasted on down the rink toward the goal line (whether the move was intentional or not is unclear, however).

Yep, down by two, these wily Canadians threw caution to the wind and emulated their early '90s middle school brethren.

Unfortunately, as you can see, their effort was not successful and they ultimately lost 6-3, but, hey, here's a big hearty quack of appreciation from the movie-loving community.

Next time, how about a lil' Knuckle Puck action, eh?