Inside 'Inside Llewyn Davis:' A New Trailer From the Coen Brothers!

So far this month we've already observed major national holidays like New Year's Day and Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday. But today, America is being treated to a surprise new holiday: New Coen Brothers Surprise Trailer Release Day.

Get out your party hats, people, and join us in celebrating our first glimpse of "Inside Llewyn Davis."

Yes, courtesy of the folks at indieWire, we've got the first clip from the new Coen Brothers film "Inside Llewyn Davis," one of the upcoming releases we're most excited for. Oscar Isaac ("Drive") stars as a folk musician in the early '60s trying to make it big. Or, honestly, make it at all, something not exactly made easier by his ex-wife (Carey Mulligan), her new husband (Justin Timberlake) and the rest of the all-star cast (John Goodman, F. Murray Abraham, Garret Hedlund...seriously, it's a Coen Brothers film so you know it's jammed with great actors).

For some crazy reason, "Inside Llewyn Davis" doesn't yet have a release date or even a distributor, but whatever. Those are details for another day. Today, after all, is a holiday, so queue up this clip — and have a very merry New Coen Brothers Trailer Release Day.