'The Simpsons' Make a Hostile Movie Poster Takeover

[caption id="attachment_162998" align="alignleft" width="300"] DeviantArt: Claudia-r[/caption]

We'll probably never tire of seeing Homer Simpson's oafish mug plastered in inappropriate places, and by golly we hit the mother load today.

Our trusty pals at Reddit scoped out the fine, fun media art craftsmanship of one "The Simpsons" fanatic who dared to dream of seeing iconic movies recast with the world's favorite little Springfield scamps and made it happen ... at least, in poster form.

DeviantART-er "Claudia" put her (or his, we suppose) clicker to good use and created dozens upon dozens of these masterpiece manipulations.

Feast your eyes, for example, on these swell gems — transforming "Goldfinger" into the catchphrase-savvy "D'Oldfinger," "The Dark Knight" into "The Bart Knight," "Beetlejuice" into "Beetlemoe" and our personal favorite, "A Clockwork Orange" into "A Clockwork Lemon."

See wayyyyy more of this cartoon goodness at this link, but steer clear if, you know, you actually need to accomplish anything today.