'Top Gun 3D' Trailer: Our Speed Need Is Totally Sated At Last

Quick quiz: Do you currently feel, or have you at any point in your life felt, the need for speed?

If you answered yes to this question — or if you have a friend or loved one that occasionally feels the need for speed, even sporadically — then we have the solution for you, as Yahoo! Movies has just revealed the brand new trailer for the upcoming IMAX 3D re-release of "Top Gun."

Feeling the need for speed is a condition that has affected moviegoers since 1986, when the late director Tony Scott helped turn Tom Cruise into an international superstar as Maverick, the a-hole jet jockey who buzzes towers on the airfield and then buzzes towers behind closed doors with Kelly McGillis, ifyouknowwhatwemean.

And now the classic is back, just in time to introduce a whole new generation to the film before it arrives on 3D Blu-ray on February 19. Looks like marketing synergy is yet another major side effect of feeling the need for speed.

But don't worry; if you, like many Americans, currently suffer from that condition, just put on your aviators and get a double dose of this bad boy right here.