Ryan Gosling Gets His Mug on a Mug, at Long Last

[caption id="attachment_162840" align="alignleft" width="300"] Tim Horton's/Splash News[/caption]

Ryan Gosling wanted his face printed on a cup as some sort of career benchmark — hey, who are we to judge? — and this week the handsome stud got his way thanks to the tireless efforts of one site.

It all began during "Gangster Squad" promos, when Gosling lamented his fortune at not being printed on movie theater cups like the badasses of "Dick Tracy" did in his youth.

Speaking to Tribute.ca, he mourned the lost marketing opportunity, saying "My first gangster movie was 'Dick Tracy,' which I was a really big fan of. I collected all the Burger King cups, had posters and I thought I might get a cup out of this deal. It's not happened ... Doing the marketing for the film now, it's like how is a cup going to come into the picture."

He closed with, "Could we get a Tim [Horton]'s mug for 'Gangster Squad,' please?"

Sincere as the Gos is with almost every utterance, it sounded like maybe he wasn't kidding one bit about this cup thing. So, the fine people at Buffalo.com made their public plea for the company — a fellow "southern Ontario export" — to concoct one of these Ryan Gosling cups, or "Gosling Goblet," as they coined.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and Tim Horton's has now made it happen.

The effort is worth some applause, but there's a sad ending here (and not just because this won't be on the mass market): the cup's now split in half. Buffalo.com updated their story to report that the mug was broken in two upon arrival. Luckily, the section featuring Gosling's money maker was unfazed.

(Image via Tim Horton's/Splash News)