Supercut: Savor Every Arnold Scream From Every Arnold Movie

At age 65, Arnold Schwarzenegger is America's elder badass laureate, a seasoned practitioner of kicking butt, taking names, etc.

Now that his comeback vehicle, "The Last Stand," has officially tanked at the U.S. box office, we imagine Herr Governator is pretty POed this morning, and for a realistic simulation of the shouting levels at the Schwarzenegger compound FilmDrunk has stitched together a supercut of "Every Arnold Scream From Every Arnold Movie."

As if you needed to be told, one of Ahnuld's signature acting moves, besides snapping necks or throwing phone booths, is "The Arnold Yell," which phonetically looks something like this: "Akk-alak-anakan!!!"

Observe as Arnold struggles to wrestle fake-as-hell rubber monsters in "Conan The Destroyer," has his eyes popped out on Mars in "Total Recall," and takes it to 11 with broad comedic screams in "Kindergarten Cop."

As you watch you may begin to feel sorry for all the pain Arnold's had to endure in his onscreen career, but just remember: No pain, no gain.