Poster: 'Hansel & Gretel Go to White Castle'

Hunting witches gives you the munchies. And when you've got the munchies, there's only one place that can cure what ails you ... and it ain't a witch's oven, that's for sure.

Hansel and Gretel — once endangered children, now attractive monster-killers — are reimagined once again in our poster for "Hansel and Gretel Go to White Castle," which turns the storybook siblings into stoners prone to stumbling into the most surreal of adventures. Filling in for Neil Patrick Harris would be Idris Elba, the stars' shared co-star (he appeared with Gemma Arterton in "RocknRolla" and with Jeremy Renner in "Thor"), playing a meta-version of himself all hopped up on magical mushrooms.

Feel the fairy tale vibe and check out our poster below. It's cool, dude.

Hansel and Gretel Go to White Castle

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