Jennifer Lawrence Goes All 'Hunger Games' On Her Oscar Competition

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As most fans were hoping and expecting, Jennifer Lawrence delivered a cool and funny "Hunger Games" parody last night during her stint as host of "Saturday Night Live." But it was her opening monologue that really has people talking, as the Oscar nominee used the "SNL" stage to deliver some shots at her competition, including fellow Golden Globe winner Jessica Chastain.

Hey, if there's one thing we know about Katniss Everdeen, it's that she plays for keeps.

Of course, it's all in good fun. But while "Saturday Night Live" monologues are by definition meant as a joke, not everyone was laughing over Lawrence's jibes, with some online types going so far as to suggest the barbs may have hurt her chances to win at the Oscars.

So is this just a tempest in a teapot? Or did "SNL" and Lawrence go too far? Check out the monologue and the "Hunger Games" parody, courtesy of NBC, and decide for yourself whether all's fair in love, war and comedy: