The 'Emperor' Trailer Has Clothes, Tommy Lee Jones

[caption id="attachment_162391" align="alignleft" width="300"] Krasnoff Foster[/caption]

Tommy Lee Jones in right in the middle of an Oscar race thanks to his performance in the historical drama "Lincoln." So what could he possibly do to top his role as abolitionist senator Thaddeus Stevens? Well, how about playing American icon General MacArthur in the upcoming historical drama "The Emperor?"

And as this new trailer show, they might as well start engraving his name on the Oscar right now.

Of course, like with "Lincoln," that will have to be for Supporting Actor, as "Lost's" Matthew Fox actually headlines "The Emperor." But this looks to be just the kind of movie the Academy loves, as Fox plays an aide to MacArthur who is tasked with investigating the role of Emperor Hirohito in conducting World War II. And he's got just ten days to find answers before MacArthur has to decide the future of Japan.

That's a tricky proposition. Deciding whether you want to see Tommy Lee Jones pull off another tour de force lesson in acting greatness? That's easy, as proven by this clip from Yahoo! Movies: