'Incredibles' Director Reveals Incredible Hand-Painted Poster

Dear everyone in Hollywood, when you have something as cool as this in your closet of exclusives, be a doll and promptly share it with the world would ya? 'Kay.

Yesterday, director Brad Bird must've been feeling generous or a touch nostalgic because he tweeted out a gander at this awesome unreleased "The Incredibles" goody — a hand-painted poster by Robert McGinnis of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and Bond series artwork fame — nearly a decade after the film's 2004 release.

We're stunned by both the incredible (sorry) detailing and the fact that this has been sitting on a shelf somewhere unseen by the movie-loving public for so long. Shame! Better late than never, we suppose. In all fairness, the poster does reveal a few spoilers about the events of the pic — like Violet Parr's eventually-developed blue power shield and Syndrome's giant arm-slinging war robot.

Pixar outdid itself with the lush and advanced animation on "The Incredibles," and it looks like McGinnis followed suit with this ornate tribute to the film. Gotta love it when little gems like this one make way to the surface.

On a related note, where's the sequel-making squad when you actually need 'em? Our campaign for "The Incredibles 2" begins now, thanks to this little reminder of how gravy the first installment was. Lookin' at you, Mr. Bird!