The Best Movie Posters That Never Were

There's nothing quite like a good movie poster. You know what we mean. While many posters barely make an impression at all, merely presenting the stars and the title, sometimes you come across a movie poster that just grabs your imagination. Once you see it, you just have to go see the movie as well.

Which is fine — if those movies actually existed.

Welcome to the world of Pascal Witaszek, fake biopic poster-maker extraordinaire. (That's not his formal title, but it has a certain ring to it.)

Witaszek, you see, is a French graphic designer with a love of movie and a flair for creating truly striking posters. Just one thing: The movies he makes posters for aren't, technically speaking, real. Instead they are even better than real, as Witaszek imagines awesome stuff like Ryan Gosling in a biopic of Walt Disney or Dominic Monaghan and Chris Pine teaming up for the story of ABBA.

The movies may not be real, but the awesome totally is. Check them a few out — and get ready for a glimpse of the Hollywood you only wish existed:

See more at Witaszek's site.