Watch Lindsay Lohan Get Out-Acted By a Porn Star in 'The Canyons' Clip

Forget the cliché term "trainwreck," since the new Lindsay Lohan vehicle "The Canyons" is starting to look like a yacht got eaten by a shark which got hit by a car which caused a trainwreck that was blown up by missiles, and then a plane fell on it.

In other words, it's bad, and we've got a new three-minute clip as our pudding of proof.

The clip features Lilo and her increasingly Muppet-like features going about some luxurious Malibu mansion looking for her cell phone, which leads to an unexpected (or is that unmotivated?) explosion from porn star James Deen as her boyfriend.

Since this scene contains very little in the way of dialogue, we're guessing that Lohan's bizarre behavior on set (as chronicled in a recent New York Times exposé) didn't translate into a brilliant, Meryl Streep-like performance. It's trivial anyway, since Lilo will, in all likelihood, be having brunch with Brittany Murphy any day now, if you know what we mean.