'Iron Man 3' Armed with… Handheld Chinese Electronics

[caption id="attachment_160419" align="alignleft" width="300"]Iron Man 3 Marvel[/caption]

Tony Stark has pretty much everything a billionaire superhero (not a bad job title, right?) could hope for: an awesome suit, a stunning pad and a beautiful woman by his side. But something's been missing—at least, that's what Chinese electronics maker TCL thinks. So what is the one thing that the man-who-has-everything doesn't actually have? TCL products in his hot little hands. Duh.

In the next "Iron Man" installment, cleverly named "Iron Man 3," the hero will wield mobile phones, cloud technology and even televisions made by the Huizhou-based company.

The CEO of TCL Multimedia explained, "TCL has attached great importance to the collaboration with Hollywood. Through this cross-industry collaboration, we are introducing our latest smart products to consumers from around the world via a wide range of different brand promotion activities associated with the 'Iron Man 3' theme.'" But it's unclear whether this partnership is exclusive. Because we're pretty sure we saw Tony Stark brandishing a Samsung camera in one sequence. Just sayin'.

Exclusive or not, this isn't TCL's only bold branding move as of late. Recently, the company paid a whopping $5 million to acquire the naming rights to the historic Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Which will soon be known as the TCL Chinese Theater. Hmm. Only time will tell whether that sticks, but one thing is certain—this company wants to play with the big boys, like Apple, Samsung and… Robert Downey Jr.