5 Other Random Folks Who Could’ve Co-Starred with Arnold in 'The Last Stand'

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We guess it's swell and all that Johnny Knoxville is starring in "The Last Stand" (especially since he seems to be playing the same character in a movie that also has the same plot as "Walking Tall"), but we can't help but wonder what it would be like if someone else had been chosen to "Stand" alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger for his big comeback movie. (And doesn't J-Knox look a little Photoshopped there, anyway?)

Anyhow, imagine the verbal quips Arnold could've shared with the ever-quotable Raymond Babbitt (aka "Rain Man") or the feats of derring-do he could've accomplished with Johnny Five as his back-up. And Danny DeVito? Please, it would be the magic of "Twins" all over again (rather than the dark sorcery of "Junior," of course).

Dream with us below, before harsh reality takes its toll when "The Last Stand" opens on Jan. 18.

Johnny Five is Alive in The Last Stand

Daniel Day-Lewis in The Last Stand

Danny DeVito in The Last Stand

Rain Man in The Last Stand

Little Miss Sunshine in The Last Stand