Is a 'Hot Tub Time Machine' Sequel Heating Up?

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In 2010's "Hot Tub Time Machine," John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke stayed in a Jacuzzi long past the recommended 15-20-minute period and wound up in 1986. The believability factor was through the roof.

Even though the film didn't bring in a "Hangover"-sized haul at the box office, it has taken the inevitable turn to cult status on DVD, thus The Hollywood Reporter says MGM is in "Hot" pursuit of a sequel.

Preliminary talks have Emmy-winner Corddry climbing into the tub with original writer/director Steve Pink to fashion a screenplay, but Pink's New Crime Productions partner and original "HTTM" headliner John Cusack is curiously not involved in discussions at this time. Is the idea to bring in a bigger ringer to star and goose the box office?

Part of the appeal of the first edition, with its myriad Michael Jackson and "Karate Kid" jokes, was to channel the goofy spirit of mid-eighties comedies, of which Cusack was practically the poster boy. Perhaps now the plan is to go back in time for some '90s nostalgia, and they could get Drew Barrymore to make lots of slap bracelet and Spice Girls references.

Whether Chevy Chase will return as the mysterious maintenance guy, or Crispin Glover will lose another arm, remains to be seen. Whatever happens, let's all just keep our fingers crossed for a "Home Sweet Home" reprise.