Infographic: Everyone Killed By Jason Voorhees, For Your Sadistic Viewing Pleasure

Time goes by. You get older. You start wondering if you'll ever see an infographic featuring every character ever killed by Jason Voorhees complete with the various forms of murder he chose to knock off his hapless victims. Then you start wondering if you should go to therapy.

NextMovie can't help you with that last part. Good luck. But as for that infographic? It exists for your (really weird) viewing pleasure! 

Thanks to our casual acquaintances at Slashfilm, we have a comprehensive infographic of literally every single character murdered by Jason Voorhees in the "Friday the 13th" / "Jason" movies - and how they met their maker. Our amateur eyes draw a few conclusions:

  • Jason killed a lot of people with spears.
  • In the first few movies, he killed women as much as he killed men. Later films we seem to see a softer side from Big Jase as he sticks to killing dudes, mostly.
  • He's not above using anything sharp to kill you. Anything sharp at all.
  • Poor "Sgt. Brodski" from "Jason X," who seems to have been lit on fire. Yikes.
  • "Dan" from "Friday the 13th, Part VII" was impaled by Jason's arm? Alright then. Tough one for the medical examiner.
  • The fact that there was a film called "Jason X" suggests that a lot of characters really blew it re: putting this guy down once and for all. My goodness.

Your move, Krueger.

(Click the post image to enlarge the graphic.)