The Little Girl From 'Mama' Reacts to Recent Events

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The Bible says that a little child will lead us. Here at NextMovie, we're better with, you know, images and videos than we are with book-learnin', so we took this as best as we know how. If we must live by the example of a little (movie) child, it may as well be Megan Charpentier, who plays a feral tween in "Mama," the scarytastic flick coming out this weekend.

While little Victoria (Charpentier) must grapple with whether to accept the maternal warmth of foster mom Jessica Chastain or the company of a centuries-old murder-ghost, the titular Mama, we have all kinds of day-to-day stuff to worry about that kids just don't have to handle.

Keeping the little-child maxim in mind, we turned to feral child Victoria to get her perspective on some recent events. Read on to know how you should feel about the world as of late.

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