Iran to Ben Affleck: We 'Argo'-nna Remake Your Movie

[caption id="attachment_159906" align="alignleft" width="220"]Argo Warner Bros.[/caption]

It's hardly news to anyone that the movies are a copycat industry; one minute "Jaws" becomes a big hit, and the next minute "Orca" and "Piranha" are already in the pipeline. It's the the nature of the beast.

But here's something that is news: According to The National, Iran has announced that they are planning their own cinematic response to Ben Affleck's Golden Globe-winning film "Argo" in order to show the world the real story of the Iranian hostage crisis, which they claim was not accurately represented in Affleck's film.

Oh, this ought to be good.

Titled "The General Staff," Iran's new film — which naturally will be 100 percent truthful in every way and could not possibly be considered blatant propaganda by anybody — is set to be directed by Ataollah Salmanian, who told his nation's official news agency that the movie "should be an appropriate response to 'Argo.'" He added that his story would be "about 20 American hostages who were delivered to the United States by the revolutionaries."

"Argo," of course, tells the mostly true story of how a group of six American embassy workers were rescued by posing as the film crew of a sci-fi movie. It has also been the recipient of widespread acclaim, winning the Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture Drama and Best Director for Affleck last night. And Affleck, who studied the Middle East in college, seemed to go out of his way in the movie to present as balanced a view as possible of the revolutionaries.

Still, as a wise man once said, anything you can do, Iran can do better. And Iran does have a long tradition of excellent cinema, so who knows: Maybe if "The General Staff" takes off, they'll end up remaking some other Affleck films.

Because we'd love to see a historically accurate version of "Jersey Girl."