The 9 Funniest Quotes from the Golden Globes

The 2013 Golden Globes: Last night, at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's 70th annual awards bash, we laughed, we cried, we, well...drank. Co-hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey proved to be smart picks to shepherd audiences in-house and at-home through the three-hour ceremony, and the awards show's legendary open bar did not disappoint.

Weird moments and hilarity flowed as freely last night as the Moet stocked at the celebs' tables, and how better to relive those moments than in meme form? Below, check out nine of our favorite Golden Globes moments, meme-ified. In the wise words of early-2000s emo band Fall Out Boy, Thnks fr th Mmrs, guys.

1. Anne Hathaway is visited by the Ghost of Oscars Past

2. Jennifer Lawrence tells it like it is, as she is wont to do

3. Hail to the husband

4. Chastain: 'Oh no she di'int!'

5. We saw all the nominees. All of them.

6. Meryl can do no wrong

7. That's why it's called 'theater' not 'friendter'

8. Fetch me my smelling salts