Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling Are 'Knife Guys'

[caption id="attachment_161507" align="alignleft" width="300"]Knife Guys Jimmy Kimmel Live[/caption]

"It slices through warm butter like it's warm butter."

ABC moved "Jimmy Kimmel Live" up to 11:35 a.m., but apparently the talk show host didn't check the sign-in sheet: the space is apparently reserved on Wednesdays at 11:30 for "Knife Guys," a QVC knife show hosted by Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling.

Unfazed by the intruding Kimmel, the Guys go on with their show, in which they demonstrate how the "Stabmaster 2200 Razor Steel Samurai Sword" can cut through just about everything, including baloons, cookie dough, cotton candy, chocolate milk ("You always gotta slice chocolate milk!"), potato chips, tapioca pudding ... and, eventually, Will's finger, an accident for which Gosling blames Kimmel ("Your energy did this!").

This is actually one of the funnier Ferrell stunts to come out in a while, and Gosling does a good job of cracking a smile but not actually cracking up, showing the kind of restraint that Ferrell's SNL buddy Jimmy Fallon was never able to manage.

Check out the clip below, and remember — always check the sign-in sheet.

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