Arnold Is Back... As Darth Vader?!

It's pretty well known that while the voice of James Earl Jones was used for Darth Vader in the original "Star Wars" trilogy, there was actually a totally different guy (by the name of David Prowse) inside the suit. Which makes sense, of course; with that big helmet on, there was no way to really have the actor speak his lines during the scene anyway, so since they had to dub in dialogue, they might as well dub in the best voice actor around.

But what if they had picked Arnold Schwarzenegger to do the voice instead?

That's pretty much the question asked — and answered — in a viral YouTube video blowing up the internet. It turns out there's a pretty simple reason why Arnold shouldn't do Vader's voice: Because it would be so awesome the audience might spontaneously combust.

Don't believe us? Well, check out this clip and try not to bust a seam laughing. Hey, he said he'd be back, he just didn't mention it would be wearing a Darth Vader costume.