Tarantino Goes Cray Cray Over Gun Violence Question

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Quentin Tarantino has always been, err, eccentric. Known for his blood-splattering violent movies and colorful dialogue, the director has somewhat established himself as the king of witty gore (yes, we just coined that phrase). His latest, the Oscar-nominated "Django Unchained," is no different—but his answers to some seemingly fair-game questions certainly are.

During a sit-down interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy (posted below courtesy of YouTube), Tarantino got visibly irritated as the British journalist tried to start a dialogue about the violence and gunplay in the film.

It all started to go south when Guru-Murthy asked, "Why do you like making violent movies?" And Tarantino shot back, "It's like asking Judd Apatow, 'Why do you like making comedies?'… It is cathartic violence."

But when Guru-Murthy pressed on, asking, "Why are you so sure that there's no link between enjoying movie violence and enjoying real violence?" the director snapped, "I refuse your question. I am not biting. I am not your slave and you are not my master. You can't make me dance to your tune. I am not a monkey." Umm. Noted.

And it gets really weird when the journalist tries to move on from that bump in the road by opening up a question about how Tarantino's opinion on something (we're not even sure what he was trying to ask about) differs from that of Jamie Foxx. "You should ask Jamie Foxx about that," Tarantino quipped.

Guru-Murthy tries explaining he just wants to compare their views, to which Tarantino replies, "I don't want to, because I'm here to sell my movie. This is a commercial for my movie, make no mistake… I am shutting your butt down." Yes. That is a direct quote. Let's all try to use it at least once today.