Honest Titles for Oscar Nominees Say What You're Thinking

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In an Oscar season filled with glad-handing, Oprah Winfrey specials, and the ever-insincere "It's a thrill just to be nominated," isn't it about time we got a little honesty amid the roiling sea of industry platitudes?

Yep, and the irreverent boys and girls at College Humor are here to be blunt with some of this year's high profile contenders with "Honest Titles for 2013's Oscar Nominated Movies."

These re-jiggered posters stare into the dark, soiled soul of these shameless awards season opportunists so a film like Michael Haneke's multiple-nominee "Amour" becomes simply "French," starring and directed by "French Person."

There's more Oscars than xenophobia, though… it's also about making fun of Ben Affleck for his bad career choices, something you can expect to hear a lot more of from Academy Awards host Seth MacFarlane as "Argo" (or "Ben Affleck Thinks We are Going to Forget Daredevil") competes for Best Picture.

Neither "Les Miz," "Amour" "Django Unchained," nor "Life of Pi" go unscathed.


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