Steven Spielberg Delays the 'Robopocalypse'

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Who can stop the robot uprising? Why, the director of "A.I.," of course!

Everyone can relax — humanity's not going to have to deal with deadly life-altering technology just yet (well, not to any kind of sci-fi extreme, anyway), as Steven Spielberg has put an indefinite hold on his screen adaptation of "Robopocalypse," according to Deadline.

"Robopocalypse" chronicles the aftermath of a complete planet takeover by a highly evolved A.I. program called Archos that sets to decimate human civilization in an attempt to preserve the Earth's biodiversity. The film is based on the 2011 novel by Daniel H. Wilson, who holds a PhD in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University (so he knows what he's talking about with all this stuff).

The reasons for the delay seem to be script and budget issues, though just as likely is that Spielberg is probably on his last legs after directing and currently promoting "Lincoln," with the latter activity showing no signs of slowing down until well after the Oscars are wrapped for another year.

The film was originally set for a spring start with a look toward a (rather odd) release date of April 25, 2014. No word yet on whether this delay will keep Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway from starring in the film, but as they're two of the most sought-after talents in Hollywood, chances are it will. Then again, this is Steven Spielberg we're talking about here, and actor-types have been known to make an extra effort to clear their schedules when he comes a'callin' — even if it's for the second time.