Golden Globes Drinking Game: Bottoms Up!

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Awards season: It's a time for us to come together and celebrate our favorite artists. It's a time for us to parade our nerdy know-how and feel superior ("What, you haven't seen "Amour"?).

Most of all, it's a time to toss back some stiff drinks with good friends.

The Golden Globes ceremony is the only major awards show that offers its attendees — the best and brightest of film and television — a sit-down dinner and an open bar, making it one of the more hilarious televised events of the year. Where else can you see a shwasted starlet, a famed director picking bits of spinach salad out of his teeth and Lena Dunham's boobs? (They're everywhere these days.)

It seems only right that us plebeians watching from home get in on the fun and bend a few elbows ourselves.

Since it's hard to find an excuse to drink (?), we, your friends at NextMovie, decided to help a brother/sister out and create a handy drinking game to accompany you on your Golden Globes journey this weekend. (As always, we'd like to encourage you to drink responsibly and legally. If you're not of age, well, milk is usually a good choice.)

So grab a bottle, get comfy and enjoy. Cheers!