JGL Confirms 'Sin City 2,' Says It Will Be 'Fun as F--k'

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is largely considered to be on top of the world at the moment thanks to "Inception," "The Dark Knight Rises," "Looper" and his many other cinematic conquests, and whaddya know? The kid's stock is still on the rise.

As scooped by HitFix last night, JGL has indeed just joined the long overdue "Sin City" sequel "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For."

Levitt's been tapped to portray Johnny, a pro gambler straight from the School of Cool - a role which was written specifically for the movie and previously offered to Johnny Depp.

While Marvel might be lip-quivering over him thusly passing on their potential "Guardians of the Galaxy" opportunity (he is a DC Comics guy, after all), it appears Levitt's pretty darn excited right about now.

"This one's no mere rumor, and it's gonna be fun as f--k," he tweeted in the wee hours of this morning to confirm.

He'd previously released this slightly more formal but obviously just as jazzed statement on the news via The Weinstein Company: "I love how the first movie uses VFX, not to make fake things look real, but to create a heightened world unburdened by the look and feel of reality. Plus, nobody makes a badass like Mr. Rodriguez."

As with the first installment in 2005, Rodriguez and Frank Miller will co-direct, and Jessica Alba, Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, Rosario Dawson and Michael Madsen will return for their various nefarious parts. Joining the cast alongside Levitt for the sequel are actors Jamie Chung and The Allstate Guy Dennis Haysbert.

"Sin City 2" hits theaters on Oct. 4, so production is already crackin' away on the flick.