Why Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Should Work Together Forever

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Let's be real here. Without Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, "Gangster Squad" might just look like your everyday, run-of-the-mill shoot-'em-up bang-bang movie (read: "Parker").

With respect to Josh Brolin and Sean Penn, the energy and sexiness of the flick's trailer got a much-needed boost the second Gos approached the sparkling Stone and made full disclosure that his interest was solely to bed her. 'Cause who wouldn't? And now we're left with that teensy nugget of curiosity as to whether they indeed make beautiful bedroom music in the film and the marketing team's job of getting us to the box office to find out is done and done.

It's not the first time this on-screen coupling has gotten our attention; oh no. Their union in "Crazy, Stupid, Love" in 2011 was a match made in hottie heaven, too.

Crazy, Stupid, Love


So here have our legit plea for these two to keep making movies together forever and ever amen, backed with hard reasons as to why they should.

Raw Talent: With Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, we're not just dealing with ridiculously good-looking people — although that is part of our next reason. They're also a pair of impressive little actors. Whether it's comedy (e.g., "Easy A" or "Lars and the Real Girl") or romance ("The Notebook") or franchise flicks ("The Amazing Spider-Man"), these two can handle the spread with a rare degree of thespian agility.

Especially, er, unique was their love scene approach for "C, S, L." Stone explained to Interview Magazine, "We just talked about our lives in different positions around the room. Most of those things are true — like, I actually won the spelling bee when I was 8 and my dad cried, and I do a Lauren Bacall impression. Ryan really has bought most of those things from infomercials. So we were just laughing at each other and talking. The directors just gave us a day to hang out."

You just know that was one hipsterifically fascinating little convo, and yet it came through sweet and sensual as needed. Four pinky fingers — and various other extremities — full of skills.

Eye Candy: It sort of goes without saying, but to reiterate the known, these two are smoking hot by themselves, so teaming 'em up leaves even the devil begging for ice water at concessions. Between Gosling's perfect torso raw magnitude and Stone's cute-but-not-a-princess composure, the view is well worth a trip to the cinema.

Consider the following clip as evidence. Only them.


Persona Mesh: Speaking of, Emma Stone is absofrickinlutely believable as the girl who can change it all for the world's baddest bad boy, and since Ryan Gosling so often plays the removed heady types with shoulder chippage, it's pretty much just cinematic kismet at this point.

As Gos himself put it, "Show me someone that wouldn't give it all up for Emma Stone, and I'll show you a liar." Huzzah! He gets it.

Hello, Box OfficeLet's crunch some numbers, shall we? Gos is worth about $24 million a movie in all (thanks in part to his indie penchant), but Stone's value is a tick or two higher at $88 million per. Pending the "Gangster Squad" intake results, they're sitting at about $84 mil as a combined unit. So, the gal has a lot to offer her on-screen partner in the way of production value, and she's losing nothing by sharing the screen with him. Win.

Marketing Magic: Okay, here's where we meet the meat of this argument. Ryan Gosling can "Hey Girl" it all he wants solo (full disclosure: he doesn't actually do that ... as far as we know) but when he's seated side-by-side with a girl as witty as Miss Stone, he's gonna get checked and he knows it. This is quite fun in practice.

Also, their little back-and-forth praise exchange lappings never do get old, and the more Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone media bits (and hysterical impersonations) like this we get, the better.

So, do us a solid, would ya, guys? Continue to make it so for years to come, and we'll eventually learn to accept the fact that you're actually bumpin' ugs with other people. But only if.

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