Hey Kids, the 'Django Unchained' Dolls Are Here!

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If you're like most people, you've probably been wondering when the line of fully poseable 'Django Unchained" action figures would be arriving in stores. Well, wonder no more, because according to The Daily Beast, you will soon be able to dress up and play with your own Django, Broomhilda and Calvin Candie dolls.

And best of all, the Controversy Accessory Pack comes built in.

Yes, it's true: Quentin Tarantino has signed off on a new line of officially licensed "Django Unchained" eight-inch action figures, which come with weapons, clothing and a generous helping of built-in controversy. After all, when you think of slavery, children's toys are probably the first thing that comes to mind.

Or as filmmaker Bethann Hardison told The Daily Beast, "This doll sh*t is crazy."

On the other hand, Hardison also pointed out that "Quentin Tarantino believes in what he's got and it seems he is not believing anything less." And as strange as the action figures seem at first glance, they make perfect sense in the context of Tarantino the pop culture maven: Bearing more than a passing similarity to the classic MEGO figures of the 70's, the dolls, which are produced by National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc., appear to be aimed squarely at adult collectors rather than actual children. As were similar "Inglorious Basterds" collectibles.

So is this much ado about nothing? Or is this another head-slapping misstep? Whatever your feeling, one thing is for sure: "Django Unchained" has a kung-fu grip on pop culture right now.