Watch: Pixar Short 'The Blue Umbrella' Might Be Their Latest Breakthrough

It's true, we have been complaining a lot lately about Pixar's creative nosedive in recent years, and if they told us they were doing a movie about anthropomorphic umbrellas we'd probably tell them to piss off.

HOWEVER, if the new 30-second clip from said short film, entitled "The Blue Umbrella" (courtesy of The Wall Street Journal) is any indication, this might be another breakthrough from the animation powerhouse.

Directed by Saschka Unseld, a layout artist on "Toy Story 3" and "Brave," this rainy day story focuses on two adorable umbrellas with emoticon faces that get the hots for each other. How the mechanics of the sex works for them we have no clue…

The big deal is that everything (except the cartoony expressions) will be rendered in photorealistic detail, including amazing depth of field and gorgeous lighting. There will also be singing. Whether they will actually animate human faces realistically (and shatter the "Uncanny Valley" creep factor) we're not sure, but you can follow progress on the short via their rainycitytales332 Twitter feed.

"The Blue Umbrella" will screen in front of "Monsters University" this summer, and remind us of a bygone era when Pixar made original, borderline experimental feature films instead of sequel after sequel.