'Only God Forgives' Those Who Do Not Watch This Teaser

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Hey you guys, remember "Drive?" The 2011 movie by director Nicholas Winding Refn that featured Ryan Gosling tooling around in a getaway car, being all stoic as he beat the unholy hell out of people? Well, that film became an instant cult classic and generated huge critical acclaim, so you may just want to check out the first teaser clip for the upcoming indie "Only God Forgives."

Because Gosling and Refn are back at it again — and someone is about to pay the price with their face.

Here's the scoop: Gosling plays a crook who runs a Thai boxing club as a cover for his family's illegal drug ring. As one does. But that idyllic lifestyle suddenly goes ass over teakettle when his brother is all up and killed. Now Gosling's sinister mom (Kristin Scott Thomas, who amazing is now old enough to play Gosling's mom) wants revenge, so it's up to Gosling to lay the smack down, sometimes with a stick.

Unfortunately, this international teaser clip from Total Film is only 20 seconds long, so it's just long enough to whet your appetite. But once you watch it, we think you'll agree: This Gosling fellow may just have a future in movies. Check it out: