Cool Clicks: 'Back to the Future''s Doom-Filled Newspaper

Biff Wins Again

• "Emmett Brown Committed!" "George McFly Murdered!" "Gambling Legalized!" []

• The Top 5 Leatherface Kills. This guy definitely has consistency when it comes to his weapon of choice. [Moviefone]

• Speaking of Leatherface, the stars of "Texas Chainsaw 3D" reveal which horror movies give them that scary kind of buzz. [MTV Movies]

• Bradley Cooper turns 38 today! As he's probably hungover right now, let's celebrate his birthday on our own with a collection of his hottest pics. [BuzzSugar]

• Holy Supercut, Batman! Everything wrong with "The Dark Knight Rises," according to, in about three minutes. [FilmDrunk]

• What with the Bond Tribute and all, we may be in store for the least snooty Oscars ever this year. [The Week]

• The "Evil Dead" remake apparently has no CGI in it whatsoever. What is this madness? [ScreenCrush]

• Enjoy the "Perks" of Emma Watson's photo spread for Marie Claire UK. [Hollywood Crush]

• 5 reasons you should not invite Clifford over for dinner. If you don't remember who Clifford is, all the more reason to click. [Death and Taxes]

• Better 30 years later than never! The gal who screamed her way through "Michael Jackson's Thriller" just scored $55,000 in back royalties. [Hollywire]

• Unlikely Style Icon: Brad Pitt in "Interview with the Vampire." Monstrous! [The Frisky]