Drop Everything, Megan Fox Is Now on Twitter

[caption id="attachment_117593" align="alignleft" width="220"]Megan Fox Getty Images[/caption]

Megan Fox has been one with the Facebook crowd for years, but now the notoriously weird guarded actress has decided to buck up and give the Twitter world a go once and for all. All we can say is "thank you" because with just one tweet in the bag, things are already hilarious.

Fox announced her big foray into the Twitterverse via FB, stating that it was against her "better judgment" and that she had a little trouble getting her officially Official Megan Fox Twitter name @MeganFox at first because there were just so darn many fakers out there. Poor thing.

Now that she's got her little impersonation issue sorted out - thank the celebrity-lovin' heavens for that - her first masterfully-executed tweet has graced our feeds like so: "I'm incredibly late to the party but I'm here nonetheless, so what now?"

Even more artful is her bio.

Of all the things Megan Fox could say about Megan Fox, she chose this: "Lover. Healer. Mother." Mind blowing stuff. For real.

Judging by her most recent Facebook posts, Fox's 41,593 (and counting) followers should prepare themselves for even more remarkable gems, including flattering throwback pics, public demands for unflattering mis-quote retractions and random pictures of Dolly Parton.

2013, we love you so already.