Girls Are Trouble in 'Ginger & Rosa' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_160319" align="alignleft" width="300"]Ginger & Rosa A24[/caption]

Elle Fanning and Alice Englert are up to no good.

One of this year's quieter though certainly anticipated releases is "Ginger & Rosa," a tense coming-of-age tale from director Sally Potter (you may know her from "Orlando" or the Joan Allen movie in which everyone spoke in iambic pentameter, "Yes").

"Ginger & Rosa" concentrates on the escalating and eventually decaying relationship between two free-spirited girls (Fanning and Englert), whose dabblings in rebellion, sexuality and perhaps something a bit more sinister are set against the backdrop of the political and social unrest of 1960s London. The supporting cast is nothing short of amazing, with Christina Hendricks, Alessandro Nivola, Annette Bening, Oliver Platt and Timothy Spall on hand to play the grown-ups.

Is it us or is Elle Fanning having something of a more interesting career than that of her big sister, Dakota? The younger Fanning is doing a bang-up job balancing edgier projects like this and Sofia Coppola's "Somewhere" with more mainstream fare like "Super 8" and the upcoming "Maleficent."

"Ginger & Rosa" premiered last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival and will hit theaters on March 15. Check out the unsettling trailer below, courtesy of The Playlist.