Cool Clicks: 'Star Wars' vs. 'Aliens'

[caption id="attachment_160287" align="alignright" width="220"]Star Wars vs. Aliens SlashFilm[/caption]

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to ...

• No one can hear you scream in a galaxy far, far away. [SlashFilm]

• Hollywood's New Year's Resolutions: More 3D, less Taylor Kitsch and new ways to fight piracy. []

• Speaking of 3D, here are the 25 Best 3D Movies. For every "Jaws 3," there's an "Avatar." [Complex]

• "Skyfall" had a lot of mistakes in it. We're sure people will stop seeing it now. [Death and Taxes]

• Film is art! See some of the early storyboards to some of your favorite movie scenes from "Star Wars," "Jurassic Park" and more. [ScreenCrush]

• Prediction: This year's Oscar winner for Best Picture is down to "Lincoln" vs. "Zero Dark Thirty." [Moviefone]

• Jennifer Lawrence used her archery skills for self defense. Well, of course she did! [Hollywire]

• Have you seen the poster for "The Last Exorcism Part II"? She's contorted to look like a "2." Freaky deaky! [Yahoo! Movies]

• Here's that old chestnut about uber-producer Joel Silver setting fire to a couch on the set of "Die Hard." [Movieline]

• Hayley Atwell will not be returning for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." That's what happens when you don't get frozen with the hero. [Hypable]

• A man ate the entire "Hobbit" menu at Denny's in 20 minutes. That's, like, 1/100th of the film's running time. [Smosh]

• Supercut: 80 Years of Space Helmets. Boldly go. [FilmDrunk]

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