News Flash: Quentin Tarantino Loves Pop Culture (Video)

Making "Django Unchained" must have really been a major challenge for Quentin Tarantino. Not because of the sensitive topic of slavery or the issue of historical accuracy or anything like that, mind you. This is Tarantino, he doesn't care about that nonsense. No, it must have been a major challenge because there was no easy way for him to fill "Django Unchained" with dozens of obscure pop culture references.

Like, say, just about every line of dialogue in all his previous films, as a newly unveiled supercut reveals.

Heck, even his previous pseudo-historical epic, "Inglorious Basterds," was jammed with pop culture shoutouts to everyone from David O. Selznick to The Katzenjammer Kids. it's enough to make someone wish there was a Quentin Tarantino Pop Culture Decoder App for your iPhone.

But while that technology may not yet be available, we've got the next best thing right here, as College Humor has put together a supercut featuring overt every pop culture reference in every Tarantino film (except "Natural Born Killers," which he took his name off of). Better yet, they are in chronological order, meaning you may actually be able to use this as a source for your next term paper.

So check it out. Because as Tarantino himself would no doubt tell you (through Tim Roth's character in "Reservoir Dogs"), knowledge in the right hands is like Johnny Storm getting the Ultimate Nullifier.