Jay-Z Tapped to Drop Rhymes for 'Gatsby'

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Either "The Great Gatsby" needs a serious boost wrangling up a modern demographic or director Baz Luhrmann is some kind of evil filmmaking wizard who's bound to show us all how hardcore his creativity really is.

Luhrmann, who tapped the then-untested Nellee Hooper to score his other Leonardo DiCaprio-led classic-to-modern adaptation, "Romeo + Juliet," has chosen hip hop artist Jay-Z of all people to score "Gatsby."

Jay-Z's got gobs of soundtrack credits to his name, of course, and he's earned multi-platinum this and that to solidify his supreme foothold in the music industry, but scoring a major motion picture? That'll be a first for him.

Jay's involvement makes a lot of sense, though. It is a hard knock life for Gatsby's brood ... Oh, wait. No it's not.

Anyway, he won't go it alone for his first big film venture. A band called The Bullitts - which also recently scored its first, "They Die by Dawn" - has been working with Jay-Z to compose. Said the band on Twitter, "Jay-Z and myself have been working tirelessly on the score for the upcoming #CLASSIC The Great Gatsby! It is too DOPE for words!"

Per Vulture, Jay-Z was plucked for the gig because Lurhmann fancied blasting out his music during rehearsals.

For those keeping count, Jay-Z's been kind of publicly involved with "Gatsby" for months since his collaboration with Kanye West, Watch the Throne, was featured on both trailers for the pic with the song "No Church in the Wild."

The soundtrack, too, is poised to surprise. Count Lady Gaga and Prince among the known contributors for that so-called "all-star" album.

We gotta hand it to Baz. He does know how to keep our attention.