Cool Clicks: The Top 10 Geek Movies of 2012

[caption id="attachment_159906" align="alignright" width="220"]Argo Warner Bros.[/caption]

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to ...

• The Top 10 Geek Movies of 2012. We wonder how Ben Affleck feels about "Argo" being on this list? [Heat Vision]

• Watch the creepy horror short that inspired the new Jessica Chastain thriller "Mama," introduced by Guillermo del Toro. [YouTube]

• Now watch the 1985 Russian version of "The Hobbit." Dear lord. [Death and Taxes]

• Now watch Frodo Baggins kill and kill again in the first six minutes of the "Maniac" remake. Make it stop! [SlashFilm]

• Excelsior! Stan Lee is 90 and a day. [ComicBookMovie]

• Fun with Movie Poster Face Swap! Because you need fresh material for your nightmares. [ScreenCrush]

• And now, the Most Unintentionally Funny Movie Moment of 2012. Okay, yeah — this was pretty ridiculous. [The Playlist]

• Some valuable lessons we can learn from the most pirated movies of 2012. [Movieline]

• Ned Rocknroll gave his new wife Kate Winslet a ticket to outer space. Some people actually live these lives. [The Sun]

• The 12 Sexiest Men of 2012. There's at least one superhero and one Hemsworth in there. [Hypable]

• The cast members of "The Graduate" — where are they now? We know at least one of them is directing a lame movie about old opera singers. [Moviefone]