'Avengers' Featurette Proves ILM Only Hires Geniuses

[caption id="attachment_159878" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Avengers Marvel[/caption]

Can't actually stage an alien invasion and superhero counter-coup in New York City? Industrial Light & Magic has you covered.

Joss Whedon has received most pats on the back when it comes to singing the praises of "The Avengers," but really a lot of the movie would've been just a bunch of shots featuring actors awkwardly punching and kicking at invisible enemies in front of completely green backgrounds without the wizards at ILM.

This new clip goes behind the scenes of one of the most memorable and complex sequences in the movie: a soaring, swooping and uninterrupted shot through the streets of Manhattan that goes from one team member to another as they use their individual skills — and, in many cases, work as a team — to fight the invading hordes.

Watch some real movie magic at work below and hope that these guys at least got the best pizza (or shawarma) in town during their many late nights at the office.