'This Is 40' Deleted Scene Uses the Handicapped Stall

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"The handicapped stall is like a free hotel." We never looked at it that way before.

Judd Apatow has a knack for making us see everyday (and not so everyday) things from completely new perspectives, and there are a lot of perspectives going on in this five-minute deleted scene from his new comedy, "This Is 40."

The relatively spoiler-free restaurant scene begins with Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) discussing their newfound efforts to really "dig in" to what is apparently the greatness of their lives and truly appreciate every moment. Their companions, Barry (Robert Smigel) and Barb (Annie Mumolo), counter with their practice of the "Law of Least Effort," which involves "doing nothing and getting everything."

Unsurprisingly, this brings up a bunch of graphic memories involving having sex in public places whilst their offspring work out their own issues at the "kids' table." This is 40? Well, this is Judd Apatow, anyway.

Check out the NSFW scene below, courtesy of Funny or Die. "This Is 40" is currently playing in theaters.