'Warm Bodies' First Four Minutes Revealed

"I'm lonely, I'm lost," Nicholas Hoult, as an angsty, undead young adult, laments. Then: "I'm literally lost. I've never been to this part of the airport before."

That's the tone of "Warm Bodies," the Jonathan Levine-directed zombie dramedy starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, slated for a Feb. 1 release, the first four minutes of which has hit the web courtesy of Fandango.

The film follows Hoult's zombie slacker, who can only remember that his name, in life, began with an R. In a zombie-infested world, Hoult's every day is the same : he shuffles around an airport with all the other undeads, scoffing at the so-called Bonies (zombies gone somehow even more to seed; at least R rocks a hoodie and a recognizable human face) and having gruntversations with his zombie BFF, M (Rob Corddry). Every day is the same until he meets Julie (Palmer), that is.

Julie isn't a zombie, she's a (very pretty) human girl. We don't get to meet her in this clip, the four minutes that open the film, but previous trailers show R developing decidedly warm feelings about her, despite his cold, lifeless state ("Warm Bodies"! Get it?) and regaining his humanity in increments.

John Malkovich, Dave Franco, Analeigh Tipton and Cory Hardrict are all also among the movie's cast.

While there's still nearly a month until "Warm Bodies" comes out, this first chunk, introducing the discontented R and framing the world in which he will explore (after)life, love and juicy, juicy brains, has us excited. Could this be the offbeat Valentine's Day movie date you've been waiting for? Grunt twice for "yes"!