Natalie Portman and Kristen Stewart: Best Actors For the Buck

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Looking for a good investment? Natalie Portman and Kristen Stewart are pretty much guaranteed to make you money — like, a lot of it.

The "Black Swan" and "Twilight" beauties (respectively) are the toast of the town as they top the list of Forbes' Best Actors For the Buck, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Portman ranked No. 1, bringing in $42.70 in box office returns for every dollar the studios spend on her, with K.Stew close behind with a $40.60 return on investment. Despite headlining such big franchises as "Twilight" and "Snow White and the Huntsman," Stewart was bested by Portman mostly due to the incredible $329 million worldwide gross of "Black Swan," which cost all of $13 million to produce.

Also, believe it or not, "No Strings Attached" cost, like, ten bucks and earned $150 million. Were you one of the people who contributed to that?

Shia LaBeouf ($35.80), K.Stew's "Twilight" co-star Robert Pattinson ($31.70) and Daniel Radcliffe ($30.50) round out the top five, with "Here Comes the Boom" star Kevin James making a surprise appearance on the list at No. 10 with $22.40.

Well, this is certainly a better Forbes list to be on than, say, the Most Overpaid Actors of 2012. Maybe Natalie Portman and Eddie Murphy should make a movie together just to see if it breaks exactly even?

Portman is currently filming "Thor: The Dark World," which hits theaters on Nov. 8, 2013, and is in pre-production on a new western, "Jane Got a Gun."