Cute: Oscar Hopefuls Sing Jingle Bells to You

When you're a potential Oscar nominee, there's no end to ways you will humiliate yourself in order to win over the mostly 80+ year-old voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Somewhere between appearing on "Oprah" and busking on a subway lie these jolly fellows, who all appear to be singing "Jingle Bells" (or at least trying) because you may or may not have gotten those candy canes they sent out lined with $100-dollar bills.

Giving their "best" rendition of the 1857 tune are "Ted" star/director Seth MacFarlane channeling his best Stewie from "Family Guy," little Quvenzhané Wallis brings some "Southern Wild" to it, while Judd Apatow and wife Leslie Mann do a typically dysfunctional duet.

Other celebs getting in on the awards season spirit include Pixar prexy John Lasseter, "Promised Land" star John Krasinski, and former Academy Award-winner Robert Zemeckis, who made a mint in recent years turning out holiday fare like "The Polar Express" and "A Christmas Carol."